• Acoustic Solutions

Established in 1987, Woven Image has a dedicated workforce that continues to drive the mission statement of delivering high quality products and solutions made from innovative textile materials. Environmental friendly products and sustainability have been the two cores of this company.

  • Timeber Acoustics Panels

Since it was founded in 1991, Ligno Trend sees itself as a platform for quality.  Ligno trend has always managed to see the bigger picture and have the function of the entire building component in mind, which is made combining our products with other materials. For example Lignotred solves requirements like sound protection and good acoustics integrated in the timber building element.

  • Accoustics Panels

Nordgrona was born during a rainy hiking trip in Sweden, out of the discovery that Reindeer Moss has the ability to absorb water and keep the inside of tents dry. The founders Oscar and twin brothers Joris and Sander did a few years of research at the University of Lund. They found a way to apply this versatile material as a new kind of sound- absorber for modern living and working spaces.

  • Accoustic Panels

Offecct’s core philosophy revolves around sustainability. At Offecct, it is believed that original design, genuine quality and individualized solutions prolong the life cycle of products. Offecct’s collection is designed with the aim of flexibility with a long term perspective.